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Lifelong English Proficiency

CORNERS International School

Start from scratch and progress until you can speak fluently. Learning a language involves a lot of input and output. First-class instructors support the output part that learners find most difficult. The biggest feature of Corners is that you will master daily conversation by the time you graduate.

Paving Your Own Future.

Tenacity determines all the successes of life. The qualities needed to persevere for life's big goals are determined during childhood. At Corners, our vision is to develop leaders who take on bold challenges.

Leadership Education and Serious English Proficiency

Our vision

Speak, Listen, Read and Write Like Your Mother Tongue

From Zero English Ability to Native Speaker

At Corners, we value the relationships formed between friends of different ages, under the guidance of native English-speaking teachers. Imitating and admiring older children helps to develop social skills, cooperation, compassion, and English proficiency that can be used in a global society.

Our 10 disciplines
Uniquely Developed Leader Training Education
Learn British and American English Through Immersion
Small-Group Classes of 10 or Fewer Children
Eiken 2nd – 5th Grade Achievements
Qualified Japanese Childcare Staff / Support
Curriculum to Improve Physical Development and Stamina
Raising Children Who Will Succeed in Elementary Entrance Exams
Having a Background with Diverse Talents
Dance Lessons with EXPG STUDIO BY LDH
After-School Support for Graduates

Parents are eligible for government subsidy toward fee reimbursement.

Corners International School is registered as a private childcare facility in Fukuoka City, so parents are eligible for government subsidy toward fee reimbursement.


car : about 3 minute from the Momochi IC  walk : about 1 minute from the Fukuoka Tower South Exit Bus Stop

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