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Leadership Education and Serious English Proficiency

Corners International School’s vision

Corners' students aim to "learn ambitiously, and persevere to see goals through to completion." In order to thrive in an era of rapid change, new abilities such as a sense of purpose, motivation, an inquisitive nature, and communication skills are required. In this age where a higher level of leadership that allows us to think and take action for ourselves is required, we will do our utmost to provide education that is not restricted to cramming information into children, but instilling methods that will help them acquire the English ability and leadership skills that will last them a lifetime.

Our four educational philosophies
World-Class English Proficiency and Academic Education

In small class sizes together with native English teachers, while learning spoken and written communication, students tackle subjects such as science, social studies, music, art, P.E., dance, etc., in English. Students learn to focus on present and future challenges and discuss how to overcome them.

Experience-Based Learning Education That Fosters a Spirit of Challenge and Inquiry

"Why?" "How can I do it?" Through experience-based education that allows for students to find their challenges and explore the joy of exploration, students learn to continue to challenge themselves and persevere.

Development of Independence and Leadership Skills

Corners aims to create an environment that fosters children’s curiosity and independence, and cultivates future leaders who learn interactively through the exploration of questions with their peers.

Education in Character Fundamentals, Namely Etiquette, and Showing Appreciation

Corners helps to foster empathy, respect for life, appreciation for nature, beauty, discipline and gratitude, which develops the traits needed by our future leaders.

About our 10 disciplines


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Logo Significance

Four corners of the earth、Every corner of the world─

We want to be a place that nurtures talented and active leaders desired around the world. We want graduates to fly to the center of the world. We embodied this in our logo mark. By adding green, which is a mixed color, to the three primary colors of red, yellow, and blue, we can encompass everything; expressing the possibility of responding to diverse societies, and our four educational philosophies.


Close to the seaside park overlooking the ocean leading to the world, situated in one of the most academic and appealing environments of Fukuoka city.

Corners International School
1F Grande Maison Momochihama Ocean & Forest, 3-9-33, Momochihama, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka, 814-0001, Japan
Contact phone number
TEL 092-834-8776 / FAX 092-400-6466
A non-public childcare facility (The target school of government subsidy)
Operating company
Big Brain LLC
Requirement for admission
Pre-school child over 1 year and 6 months old
Business hours
From 9am to 2:30pm / 6pm

car : about 3 minute from the Momochi IC  walk : about 1 minute from the Fukuoka Tower South Exit Bus Stop

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