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Uniquely Developed Leader Training Education

Leaders have tremendous curiosity and a desire to learn. Maximizing this motivation in the course of education requires expert, evidence-based verification and feedback. Your child will acquire English that can be spoken, combined with leadership skills, by learning methods that focus on the growth of each individual to develop true leaders who can overcome challenges by making use of their strong skills.

Example Daily Routine

10 Methods


Learn British and American English Through Immersion

Through interaction in English from an early age with British and American teachers, native-level communication and pronunciation skills can be acquired. With this English-speaking ability as the core, reading, writing, mathematical and science skills can be mastered, and the ability to explain real world situations in English can be realized.

10 Methods


Small-Group Classes of 10 or Fewer Children

Corners believes that for each child to be able to learn to actively participate, small groups of 10 children per class is optimal. We provide tutoring tailored to individual needs, class organization and assistance based on proficiency, with detailed guidance & explanations.

  • Discover Class
  • Prep class for 1½ - 3-year-olds + children who would like to select specific days of attendance
  • Brilliant class/Adventure class
  • Classes for 3 to 6-year-olds

10 Methods


Eiken 2nd – 5th Grade Achievements

Our students have passed Junior High School Grade 5 to High School graduate equivalent Grade 2 of the Practical English Proficiency Test (Eiken). We will do our utmost to support children who aim for the world with practical English skills.

[Earliest Eiken Pass Record]

Grade 2High school graduate level

8 years old

Grade pre-2Intermediate high school level

6 years old

Grade 3Junior high school graduated level

5 years old

10 Methods


Qualified Japanese Childcare Staff / Support

For younger children and new arrivals, quality life guidance from a childcare worker is important. This is because for each developmental stage in a child’s life, mentorship is required that only a professional can provide. Through interaction with people of different nationalities, licensed childcare workers provide guidance on social moral values, establishing ideal lifestyle habits for children, and etiquette necessary for developing future leaders.

10 Methods


Curriculum to Improve Physical Development and Stamina

For healthy development during the various growth stages, physical exercise is essential. At Corners we carefully consider the balance between quiet and dynamic, and recognize that through proper exercise, concentration can be improved. We have invited a childhood physical education specialist who will challenge the children in a variety of exercise techniques, including use of balls, hoops, monkey bars, vaulting boxes, balance beams, and dance.

10 Methods


Raising Children Who Will Succeed in Elementary Entrance Exams

Students' basic academic & non-cognitive abilities are nurtured daily at Corners, as a result, children test well without having to cram. Taking not only their life-skills and ingenuity, but also their individual personalities and proficiency levels into account, expert supervision is tailor-made so children can enter their school of choice. Through expert advice based on educational principles, we aim to help children reach for a higher level of growth.

Students learn while having funindependently and interactivelyActive learning
Corners’ original curriculummaximizes learning
Perseverance toward learning Reliable knowledge and skills that will be useful in the future Flexible thinking・sound judgment・expressivenessStudents nurture several well-balanced abilities.

  • 【Track record of elementary school examinations】
  • Fukuoka Elementary School (Associated with Fukuoka National Educational University)
  • Fukuoka Futaba Elementary School (Global Communication Course)
  • Fukuoka Kaisei Girls’ School Elementary School

10 Methods


Having a Background with Diverse Talents

In order for children to be able to develop their individuality and talents within many diverse fields, as well as for them to acquire concentration skills during the English-centered curriculum, we have invited expert professionals to teach with the support of the foreign teachers and childcare workers. Children can learn Japanese culture, as well as international culture.

Long Course

10 Methods


Dance Lessons with EXPG STUDIO BY LDH

With lessons from professionals such as dance contest winners, back-up dancers for famous artists, and choreographers, children learn to express themselves physically through dance.

  • EXPG stands for 'EXILE PROFESSIONAL GYM'. It is a dance school that LDH JAPAN Inc. presides over, and has produced artists such as EXILE, 3rd generation J SOUL BROTHERS, and GENERATIONS. It is an authentic school that nurtures entertainers in dance, vocals, and performance arts. It was opened by EXILE, in the hopes that it could provide children with a place to make their dreams come true. Presently they have expanded internationally as well as within Japan.

10 Methods


After-School Support for Graduates

In this class, children can maintain the English they have learned, as well as continuing to increase their vocabulary. Corners provides a class so that children can maintain their English ability after graduating to elementary school.


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